Stress and dating

Not surprisingly, this is especially true of psychiatric problems such as psychosis, affective illness (a category that includes manic-depression and major depression) and alcoholism.

Stress seems to be particularly harmful for those suffering from the psychiatric disorder schizophrenia.

Researchers from the Stanford University School of Medicine and their colleagues have identified the exact neurons that link breathing and states of mind.

“We wondered if different subtypes of neurons within the respiratory control center might be in charge of generating these different types of breath.” In collaboration with lead author and Faculty Fellow at UCLA, Dr.

Kevin Yackle, Krasnow, and Feldman decided to pinpoint which neurons were responsible for the different kinds of breathing.

The researchers accomplished this by knocking out some of those neurons in mice and only those neurons, which in turn severed the connection between arousal and the type of breathing, reports .

They selected these neurons based on previous knowledge of mouse genes that had been associated with breathing.


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