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In addition, women are committing an offence if they have a termination after the 24-week limit.

Labour MP Diana Johnson introduced the debate to the House of Commons, which calls for full decriminalisation.

Police districts were introduced in 1894, with the current structure dating from 2003.

Each police district is led by a chief of police and is subdivided into several police stations in towns and cities, and sheriffs' offices for rural areas.

Ireland’s Prime Minister has issued a warning to Theresa May over her plans to do a deal with the DUP to prop up a Tory minority government.

Enda Kenny, who has been Taoiseach since 2011, said he had indicated his “concern” to the Prime Minister over the plan.

Thierry Baudet spreekt graag schande van het Haagse ‘partijkartel’.

Under such a deal the Tories would give the DUP concessions in exchange for them passing the Queen’s Speech and budgets.

The Conservatives will be reliant on DUP support to pass anything through Parliament, giving them an effective veto.

Donald Trump weet van geen ophouden en slingert de ene na de andere gevaarlijke tweet de wereld in.

Met zijn laatste bericht bereiken de spanningen tussen Noord-Korea en de VS een nieuw hoogtepunt.


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