Dating an mba student

Diversity is immensely valuable to any higher education institution, but not all universities and colleges are successful or even aware of how to recruit a diverse student population.

By Lauren Kaori Gurley, a freelance writer and master’s candidate in Latin American studies and journalism at New York University.Architecture is mostly about human beings living in a “better” way then before.Social sciences and psychology is as important as nanotechnology and sustainable materials…A: The first thing we need to understand is the reality that we live in a more diverse world.Given that, it’s important that our classrooms reflect this.You’ll know the joy of creation in this field of Architecture… You get a lot of opportunities to showcase your creativity and ingenuity while designing structures. And compared to most other fields, Architects make a lot more money. It is easy to define Architecture but the word has far deeper meaning than it implies. The thrill and the challenge of work is exhilarating to say the least. If you’re the kind of guy (or gal) who likes to work with his (or her) hands, then Architecture is the right profession for you.


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