Are jennette mccurdy and nathan kress dating

The Nickelodeon cruise is their thing and nothing will ever change that. Nathan's current girlfriend and probably will be for a long time.

She's been with him through the most and Nathan really does care about her.

Them montage also includes several speeches from the couple's adoring wedding party, who had nothing but heartfelt words to say about the big day couple. She's the perfect compliment to Nathan," said Kress's brother during his earnest speech, who couldn't help but share the hilarious story of how, despite having Kress as a brother, he had actually always wanted a sister.

Following up his anecdote, Kress's brother graciously concluded that in time he's found that, "London is that sister."On Instagram, Kress also shared a snippet of the video along with an equally as memorable caption.

"#engagedtomybestfriend."Ever since, the twosome has documented their journey to the altar that included "Fellowship of the Rings" wedding invitations, dress fittings and even a marriage license.

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"We decided we want to give you guys a little look into what happened on our wedding day," Kress tweets, along with a link. "The video, created by The Cinematic Age, shows a series of intimate wedding moments, including Kress and his elated bride cutting their decadent wedding cake, sharing multiple newly married kisses, and shedding pure tears of joy.Kress also appeared in several short films including Pickled, Magnus, Inc., and Bag, for which he was awarded a 168 Film Festival Jury Award for his portrayal of a small-fry drug dealer with a conscience.On camera it's just Freddie and Sam, but off camera it's Nathan, Jennette, and Madisen. I'm NOT saying that he does I said I THINK he might be dealing with something. Disclaimer: I do not own i Carly, Dan Schneider, Nathan Kress, Jennette Mc Curdy, Madisen Hill, Ariana Grande, Jerry Trainor, Noah Munck, Miranda Cosgrove, Love Sick by The Jonas Brothers, or Make It Right by Joe Jonas.When will the world know that they're just friends? Okay, so what, on i Carly Freddie and Sam are about to date. It doesn't matter if she's not the type for him; Nathan would always have Jennette come first.That doesn't mean Nathan and Jennette are going to date off camera. They go to each other for advice or when they're bored and sometimes go on vacation together.Jennette and Nathan can't deal with the public anymore. Nathan slammed the door shut to his room, blocking everyone and everything out.


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